How Brotli Compression Works on Netlify

Brotli is a compression algorithm that can be used to reduce the size of website assets such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Netlify automatically compresses assets with Brotli by default, so you don't need to do anything to enable it and benefit of the improvements.

When Netlify builds your site, it automatically compresses your assets using Brotli, and the compressed versions are served to visitors automatically. This can help improve website performance and reduce bandwidth usage.

The only downside is that Netlify does not compress static files with a higher compression level - instead, the default Brotli level is used for all calls.

How to Confirm Brotli Compression is Being Used

If you want to confirm that your site is being served with Brotli compression, you can use a our website checker

That's it! By default, Netlify automatically compresses your website assets with Brotli, making your website faster and reducing your bandwidth usage.