Benefits of Brotli Compression Algorithm

Brotli is a relatively new compression algorithm that was developed by Google and released in 2015. Since its introduction, it has gained a lot of attention from web developers and website owners. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Brotli over other compression algorithms.

Better Compression

One of the significant benefits of Brotli is that it compresses files more efficiently than other compression algorithms like gzip and deflate. As a result, it produces smaller file sizes, which reduces the bandwidth usage and improves the page loading time. This is particularly important for websites that deal with large amounts of data like images, videos, and other multimedia.

Faster Decompression

Brotli not only compresses data better, but it also decompresses it faster than gzip and deflate. This means that websites that use Brotli can render pages faster, resulting in better user experience.

Support for Modern Web Formats

Brotli supports modern web formats such as WOFF2 (Web Open Font Format 2) and BFF8 (Brotli File Format 8), which are used for font and image compression. This means that websites that use these modern formats can benefit from better compression and faster load times.

Improved Security

Brotli includes a checksum algorithm that ensures data integrity during compression and decompression, reducing the risk of data corruption or tampering. This feature improves the overall security of the data and makes it more reliable.

Backward Compatibility

Brotli is backward compatible with gzip, which means that browsers that do not support Brotli can still access the content, albeit at a slightly slower speed. This feature ensures that websites can reach a wider audience without compromising on performance.


In conclusion, Brotli is a compression algorithm that offers several benefits over other compression algorithms like gzip and deflate. It provides better compression, faster decompression, support for modern web formats, improved security, and backward compatibility. As a result, Brotli is becoming a popular choice for web developers who want to optimize the speed and performance of their websites. Feel free to check your page now!