How to set up Brotli for Netlify projects

Netlify offers an amazing service for your static website: Free hosting, a dead-simple CI/CD workflow and a painless migration. Among other features, Netlify utilizes its own "intelligent CDN" for distributing your content on servers around the world and thus saving time for users that access your website.

But if you've checked your netlify-hosted project with our Brotli checker , you might have realized that your page assets are only compressed with the popular GZIP algorithm and Brotli is not used.

Netlify does not support Brotli at the moment.

But as Brotli compression is a highly-desired feature , the Netlify staff is working on providing Brotli compression for all websites hosted on the platform. Anyway, they intentionally don't announce an ETA or release date of the feature.

If we want Brotli support out of the box, we can only wait for the announcement that the feature is ready or coming soon. In the meantime, you could run a CDN like Cloudflare in front of you Netlify page which assures that your assets are compressed with Brotli in a matter of minutes.